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architectural & interior design studio | project management | villa management
What We Do

After a first meeting and a precise dialogue on the urban, environmental and financial feasibility, we sign a contract which mandates us for the following different phases:

  1. On the basis of the program carried out previously, we establish a master plan to meet your wishes, as well as topographical and urban constraints. We draw the plans, facades and sections and organize the request and collection of the documents necessary to obtain the building permit.

  2. We deliver the construction documents to define and specify the project to launch calls for tenders and support you in the choice of contractors

  3. We are in charge of the site and keep you informed by sending you photos and reports describing every action taken or to take every week. We help you with the good reception of the realized work.


Beyond this complete traditional architectural mission for which we are insured, we can offer you a complementary decoration mission and organize the shipment for you of material or equipment during the site.

We can also manage your house if you wish to rent it.

Our motto: Harmony/balance
As we live and build on the small island of Saint Barthélemy, harmony is essential to register on this territory steeped in history.The respect of the rules, of the vernacular architecture, of the neighbors of the project, the payment on time of the contractors, all of this contributes to the vital harmony necessary for a successful project on this small island.But more than anything, trust and communication are the keys to a project or a lasting investment.
The partners

Stephane Caubel, 47 years old, interior designer graduated with honors from CAMONDO, Paris, France took over in 2015 the agency created in 1991. 

After five years spent at Louis Vuitton in the design department, he returned to the design of space through various collaborations in interior architecture, merchandising, events, and spent 6 months in Mauritius where he discovered tropical architecture and environment.
In love with the open horizon, he moved to Saint Barthelemy in 2007. After a few years in an agency, he took over A3 to build accordingly to his intentions.

Melanie Skarbek, architect graduated in 2012 from the Paris-la-Villette college school, was directly hired in an agency in Paris. But in 2015, she created her firm based in the Loire Valley. From the start she worked on various scales on projects. What they have in common: special attention to the environment. She moved to Saint Barthelemy in 2018 and joined A3 Architectures in 2019.


photo: ©Christelle Gilles


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46 Villa Creole, Saint Jean, St Barthelemy

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